Job Description


Global Chamber® is looking for leaders in hundreds of metro areas around the world to work with local executives and organizations to assist in growing companies and communities internationally.

Our Executive Director is tasked to support our global growth mission to…

  • Find and create opportunities within your metro and between your metro and others around the country and world
  • Create and communicate seminars and events with business leaders and CEO’s on cross border business growth topics
  • Facilitate discussions, and connect members and sponsors with opportunities to grow across metros and globally
  • Find and grow the pool of members, sponsors and collaborators
  • Collaborate locally and globally with like-minded global leaders and organizations
  • Be the local presence of Global Chamber that connects to other Executive Directors on a global scale
  • Support regional global initiatives that move things forward locally and globally


Our leaders are highly capable, strongly positive, collaborative and consultative, entrepreneurial, multi-tasking, well-connected and globally-minded. They are passionate about growth and they want to be involved with helping the companies, organizations and cities within their community be more successful.

They are leading the launch and growth of Global Chamber® in their region and the world, connecting people and initiatives to get more people in business, government, non-profits and education more engaged and successful with global business.

An Executive Director at Global Chamber®…

  • Has extensive global business experience, passion and expertise
  • Has a positive, collaborative mindset and appreciates that it takes a village to grow globally
  • Has been in their region for at least 5 years, and has an extensive professional network
  • Is responsive with a 24/7 global mind set, always finding new opportunities and connections
  • Is, or has recently been, a member of several regional organizations in leadership roles
  • Has strong sales, marketing, business and consultative skills
  • Is interested different cultures around the world
  • Is an extravert with a positive personality and excellent communication skills
  • Has experience bridging business in the private and public sectors
  • Wants to change the world for the better
  • Is well-organized and can multi-task
  • Is a natural connector and builder
  • Is open to full or part-time options
  • Can work remotely with ease


Compensation is commission-based on success with membership, sponsorship, commissions and facilitation of initiatives like Export Circles.

About Global Chamber:

Global Chamber® is a thriving and collaborating global community of CEOs, executives and professionals in 525 metropolitan areas taking on the world of business. We engage leaders, companies and communities in successful cross-border commerce to accelerate the growth of global business, trade and investment. Global Chamber® helps companies and communities be global and UNSTOPPABLE! More here